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    FB 4.8 Beta

    Zolotoj Level 3

      Is it available for download?



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          Chris Velevitch Level 1

          I'm curious, where did you hear about Flash Builder 4.8 beta?

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            Chris Velevitch Level 1

            That email was sent in September last year, why hasn't there any more news? Also the link goes to the FB4.7 product page and there isn't any thing about it on labs.

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              Zolotoj Level 3

              This is why I posted my question here.

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                Chris Velevitch Level 1

                Considering the original email was posted in September 2012, and if I recall correctly, FB4.7 Beta was release then. So I suspect it was a typo by the original poster in that they meant to say FB4.7 Beta is (at that time) now available. That fact is confirmed by inclusion of a link to then labs 4.7 beta page.

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                  FM_Flame Level 1

                  I want to know the same thing, Adobe your attitude to the flash community and your product is terrible. The biggest reason why flash is not what it used to be right now is because you failed to advertise it, defend it when you had to and promote it as a tool for multi-platform application, web and game development. Most people that don't really work with flash think it's dead and have no idea you can even make applications for Andoid and iOS with it. They think that your announcement that you stop supporting flash player for mobile meant you killed flash and you can't do anything with it for mobile. So how would a client want to use flash to build something when he thinks it's is a dead technology. People are unaware of what your technology is really capable of and you didn't make the effort to sell it at all - not to us developers, but for the clients that we would have if they knew how great flash is.


                  And now... you don't even reply to this simple forum thread, and you are so quiet again on what's to come... how do you think this reflects to everyone... with your passivity you're killing your own hard work and everyone involved with it...

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                    Finally somebody which has good English and is saying precisely what should have been said for a very-very long time now!


                    ADOBE your are useless & with it all your highflying staff which is on here giving godlike appearances!


                    ADOBE you have left so many people out there in the cold believing in a product which you blatenly gave away & most of all toke the money of people for a product for years and which is now dumed - Shame on you!


                    The Idea was outstanding YET the Excicution appalling ..................... I cherish the years of 2007 to 2013 where FLEX was still a force to recon with on the Internet - yet where is anything now? web sites, blogs and most of all forums around Flex have disappear leaving people to there own demise!

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                      Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                      There's lots going on at Apache Flex.  Even a version of Flex that doesn't require Flash.  Follow the activity by subscribing to the dev mailing list by sending an email to dev-subscribe@flex.apache.org, or by following the mailing list on Nabble at http://apache-flex-development.2333347.n4.nabble.com

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                        Amen to the sentiments posted here.  I've spent the last five years happily developing in Flex, which IMHO is vastly superior to Javascript, Jquery, Backbone, Angular, Ember, AMD, Require, blah blah blah.  Having recently re-entered the job market, I find that Flex is pretty much dead, because it requires a "proprietary" runtime, which to me is no more proprietary than various browser Javascrpt engines.  I guess Apache Flex is still marginally active, but I don't see any adoption, and it sure seems to me that Adobe's abandonment is the primary culprit. Why did Adobe buy Macromedia, if this is what had in mind in the on-going support of a vastly superior language and dev environment?


                        Shame on you!

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                          I'm going to chime in and add to the previous comments.


                          Adobe... your Board of Directors, and Executives... REALLY screwed up!  At the time you caved and cowered to Steve Jobs, and the MINORITY GROUP of Flash Haters... you had (ACTUALLY YOU STILL HAVE) the BEST OVERALL TECHNOLOGY for RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and on/off for Linux too!

                          The only thing that comes close is Java.

                          And LOL... Java FX interface development is... FLEX!

                          If someone at Oracle builds a graphic development tool as good as FLASH for Java... then it could catch up... but that isn't happening.

                          Flash/Flex are STILL the best way to go.


                          Too bad you diverted all your intelligent people to reinventing the wheel you already had.

                          You still have everyone trying to make Javascript/HTML/CSS as good as Actionscript/Flash/Flex... and they're still 5 years behind.


                          The whole freaking internet stopped in its tracks, went backwards 7 years... and settled for the crappy Frankenstein mix of HTML/CSS/JS...

                          ...because you guys didn't defend nor promote your better solution.


                          Do your research... ask the internet what comes AFTER CSS... and the only thing people can say is NOTHING or Flash... except no one is standing up for Flash.


                          Seriously... the future of human technology... the apps of the future... do you seriously think HTML/CSS/JS (and the same browser incompatabilities that existed in HTML 3.2) is SUPERIOR to what you already HAVE/HAD with Flash/Flex/Actionscript?


                          You think all those interfaces on Star Trek, Minority Report, the Matrix Zion Control, and every other Sci-Fi vision... those are all best built with Steve Job's LIE (HTML5).... instead of being built with Flash/Flex?


                          It is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC and SAD that the entire software development world is with poor-productivity, regurgitating lesser-quality crap in HTML5 and lying to itself claiming it is better.


                          Everything that you guys already had working for Flash/Flex... the Javascript people will have to do the exact same thing... they're marching through the exact same path that Macromedia went through... they're reinventing the SAME THINGS... for what?  Because Steve Jobs LIED and Adobe didn't defend itself.


                          Steve Jobs wanted people to buy Apple hardware to use to program Objective-C on to make iOS apps... that's all.

                          The FLASH Hater MINORITY... simply want to live in their ideal fantasy world where no PLUGINS exist... and every web browser is programmed equally as well (shear nonsense)... heck as soon as they convinced the world to stop using Flash... they started right in on Java!


                          Well you were afraid of not making any money with Flash/Flex... so you caved and cowered... as least you gave Flex to Apache...

                          ...now maybe you should give the guts of AS3 and the FlashPlayer to Apache... and have Google & Mozilla build them into their browsers... so Flash apps could MAYBE run even faster.


                          I don't know... I'm just sickened the software development world was going someplace with Flash/Flex/Actionscript... and NOW it is going no where new with the LIE of HTML5.

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                            motionman95 Level 1

                            So what are you guys celebrating