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    InDesign keeps telling me it can't find some of my fonts


      I'm on a Mac OS X Lion. When I check Font Book, the font is open, active, and it validates; also, Font Book didn't find any duplicates.

      I Googled the problem, and one suggestion I found was to make an alias of my Font Folder and place that alias in InDesign's own font folder. I tried that, and it didn't seem to help.


      One of the problem fonts is Arial Black, which I thought would be pretty basic and not cause problems.


      Others are free fonts I found on the internet. I thought maybe InDesign had a way of checking to see if the fonts are legal, so I double checked their licenses, and they do seem to be free. (They are called Aldo the Apache and Alpha Quadrant).


      Is there a way to make these fonts work or should I just trash them if they are useless anyway?