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    uploading images and resizing?  - and a few more suggestions

    jefferis Level 1

      Hi guys,

      We are running into a problem on our test site where the client has uploaded images and we are using a provided BC layout to modify. But the images do not seem to be auto resizing to fit the layout for the product catalogs. http://joden.businesscatalyst.com/antique-jewelry  

      The images are bursting the layout at 250px.    i realize I could program a web app, but  doing this manually for every imager seems backwards.


      I also find that inContext editing doesn't allow editing of the css files directly.


      And the CSS editor inside file manager is terrible.  You cannot search and find the definition inside the pop up window and I'm also finding it is stalling when using Mac Chrome and failing to save.  


      My question is, shouldn't the BC layout be auto resizing these images?