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    Receive "data" in a view

    fsoender Level 1

      I didn't have luck asking this in flex, is there anyone here that can help me out?


      Im wondering how I can use the "data" in a "case" statement in view 2?

      I currently only use it with "text="{data.Blah blah}"



      View 1:


      protected function handleClick(event:MouseEvent):void




          var tmpObj1:Object = new Object();   


          tmpObj1.Tool1Selected_1 = ToolSpinnerTool1Selected;

          tmpObj1.Tool2Selected_2 = ToolSpinnerTool2Selected;

          tmpObj1.AntennaSelected_3= AntennaSelected;


          navigator.pushView(ToolView, tmpObj1);






      View 2:


      <s:Label id="lblName" x="191" y="51" width="45" height="22" text="{data.Tool1Selected_1}"/>


      <s:Label id="lblName2" x="102" y="46" width="53" height="24" text="{data.Tool2Selected_2}"/>


      <s:Label id="lblName3" x="102" y="77" width="63" height="32" text="{data.AntennaSelected_3}"/>