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    FCP Imported Sequence will not play audio (waveforms present)

    Brandon Kraemer Level 1



      I've imported a sequence from FCP 7 and it relinked with little issue.  My timeline has 10 audio tracks.  Waveforms are present on all tracks.  most all the audio are .aiff files.  I can load the audio into the source player and hear the audio and see the stereo VU meter working normally, however in the sequence there is no audio playing, nothing happening on the VU meters.


      I've checked my audio hardware outs, tested with a clip of tone as well.  Tone plays normally in the Source window but modulates oddly on the timeline, but it at least plays.


      I've searched the forum but my specifc issue doesn't seem to come up, I am not missing the audio in my clips.


      Helpful replies are most appreciated.