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    Problem creating Bluray

    Jason Britski Level 1

      I am creating my first bluray for a tv series of 6 half hr episodes.


      I have made the DVDs in the past in DVDSP & created the blueray in Encore to have it match the design of the DVD.


      I am having 2 problems.


      #1. I have one menu that has 7 buttons - play all, & buttons to play episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6


            I have tried the info in this article, but it doesnt quite work for me.




            It enables the play all button to work & play through all 6 shows that way, but the overrides do not link properly for some reason.

            I have set them to override to the next menu button.


            ex. if you hit the play ep 1 button it will play the show, but at the end i want it to return to the main menu with the button for ep 02 highlighted.

            what it does is it goes to the start of ep 02 & begins playback (same result as what the "play all" button leads to).

            is inconsistent as well as sometimes when it gets to the end of ep # 3 it will go back to the main menu, but highlight the button for ep 6.

            the next time i try it it will keep playing the video for the next show, or highlight a different button on the main menu.



      #2. I have transcoded the final QTs (1920 X 1080p, 23.98 fps, ProRes HQ)  in apple's compressor.

            I imported those mpeg2 files into encore & in properties set it to not transcode.

            When i burn a disc it says the build is approx 16GB of media & am burning to a 25 GB re-writeable bluray disc.

            Yet when I burn a test it transcodes the footage. Then the next time i open the project up it tells me the media for the project is 300 mb.

            What is going on here?

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          Jason Britski Level 1

          It is also taking approx 3 hrs to burn a bluray disc.

          Is that normal?

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Set the timeline End Actions to the next timeline.  Set the chapter buttons to their specific timeline.  Set the Override on the Chapter button, not the timeline, to the appropriate button on the menu.

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              Jason Britski Level 1

              Thanks very much Jim!


              One final question for you.

              It is taking me about 3 hrs to burn the bluray on my setup.

              Is that normal?


              there are 6 X 24 min episodes on this dual layer bluray


              am using this bluray burner: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/MRF8BDSD15X/


              Mac OS 10.6.8

              MacPro 5,1

              2.266 Ghz 6 core intel xeon

              20 GB RAM


              THANKS AGAIN.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                Transcode times depends on a myriad of factors like media, settings, hardware, etc.  So there really is no 'normal' here.

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                  Jason Britski Level 1

                  Ok, I am just basing this on my experience with burning DVDs in DVDSP.

                  I have never had a burn take more than 10 min - single or dual layer.


                  Here my burn times for this blueray have been 6 hrs, 3 hrs, and the last one was 2 hrs.


                  I am asking, because the company I am working for wants 100 bluerays burned once the design is approved.

                  They are expecting to have these done over a few days, and not a month or two.


                  You mention it depends on a myriad of factors, but I assume you burn them.


                  Can you give me an exaple of what time it takes for you?


                  ex for the last burn was 2 hrs with original media 1920 X 1080p, ProRes HQ, 23.98 fps, converted to H264 for bluray & AC3 files in compressor


                  Thanks again Jim.

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The Encore "burn" time consistes of two stages... software preparation, and actual burning


                    If you are going to do multiples, do as below... so you only have one software stage


                    Create an output ISO file on your hard drive and then use the FREE

                    http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download to write the ISO to disc

                    for DVD or BluRay (send the author a PayPal donation if you like his program)


                    I don't do BluRay, so I don't know if that output will create an ISO, or if you need to create a folder and burn that to disc

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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      ISO is fine and preferable for BD as well as DVD.

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                        Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I have never had a burn take more than 10 min - single or dual layer.

                        I'm not burning much BD yet, and I am also curious.


                        I burn DVDs faster than I should because I have no returns. But that is at 8X only for a DVD that maxes at less than 5 Gigs. You were obviously burning faster or your disks weren't very full.


                        Now you are burning (bluray dual layer) up to 50 Gigs at what burn speed? I see BD-R DL disks in a quick search only up to 6X rated.

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                          Jason Britski Level 1

                          Thanks John I will try that next week when I am back at work.

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                            Jason Britski Level 1

                            Stan, I was referencing the time it has taken me to burn DVDs in DVDSP in the past - usually 5-10 min.

                            The dual layer DVDs were approx 6.5 GB & the single layer approx 3 GB in size.

                            As I had stated above this is my first experience with Bluray & basically encore.

                            I have burnt a couple of DVDs in the past with encore & it also took approx 10 min.

                            I expected a bluray to be longer, but not 2-6 hrs.

                            I am burning to single layer bluray & have never attempted to burn a dual layer bluray.

                            not sure what the burn speed was.

                            anyway, i will try the ISO plan above & see if it will speed things up significantly to make my employer happy.

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                              Jason Britski Level 1

                              Ok, so the ISO burn was 60 min, so that cut my time in half.

                              will still take me approx 100 hrs to burn the discs they want, so not sure that will work for them.

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                                Alan Craven Level 4

                                I suspect that 60 mins for a dual layer Blu-ray is about par for the course.  The time factor here is controlled by your burner speed and the rated burn speed of the Blu-ray.  I have never used a dual layer Blu-ray but I suspect that the speed rating is 2X or 4X?  What is the rated speed of your burner for dual layer?


                                Like Stan, I have found that I can safely burn DVDs at 8X with very few problems nowadays, using Verbatim media.


                                Given the higher cost of Blu-ray media I have always been conservative and burn at 1X, or occasionally 2X, and this can take 45 minutes to burn from an iso with a 1 hour programme.


                                The newer LTH type Blu-rays are quicker, I find, but I am not sure that you can get these in dual layer.


                                It might be easier to find somewhere local with a Blu-ray duplicator to do your burning for you.

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                                  Jason Britski Level 1

                                  Thanks Alan,

                                  Not sure what the speed is for dual layer.

                                  As mentioned above i am not burning a dual layer bluray, but to a re-writable 25 GB single layer bluray.


                                  it says on the box the speed is 400 MB/s for a firewire 800 connection

                                  you are most likely referring to if i am using 1 X or something else, right?


                                  i burnt the last disc from Disc Utility (mac), and that didnt give me that option as far as i could tell.

                                  in encore  i am not seeing that in the build window either.

                                  only time i remember seeing it is in toast, but I havent tried Toast yet as an option.


                                  anyway, we have talked about shipping it to a dupe facilty somewhere else. Is nobody local that does that here, so it would have to get shipped to a larger centre.

                                  they were hoping to avoid this cost, but it would make more sense that taking 2-3 weeks to burn them here.

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                                    Jason Britski Level 1

                                    in Toast it telling me my options are Best & 2 X BD

                                    with an estimate of 1 hr to burn from the ISO file