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    How to bind a click event to a button that is embedded in another symbol




      I'm sure this is easy but ya know...


      So I have a menu on the main stage that has 18 buttons.  These buttons are nested inside of a symbol called MC_MENU_CONTAINER.  I'm animating this symbol with show/hide buttons on the main stage, which works great.  What Id like is to bind a click event to these nested buttons from the main stage.  I was able to   access the nested buttons with this code sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("MC_MENU_CONTAINER").$("BTN_INTRO").hide();  This hides the first button but when i try to attatch a click event to "BTN_INTRO" it doesn't work.  I have the code stored on the stage using compositionReady.


      Any ideas?