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    Test freezes during second attempt (session)



      Answer a test question, click Submit button to receive feedback, and exit the course using the X in the upper right corner before advancing to the next (new) question.

      Enter the course again at the last location within the test.

      Click the Forward button in the Playbar to continue the test since the Next button is inactive.

      Pass or fail the test (happens in either case).

      Take the test again.

      The test freezes at the question slide from which the user originally exited (in the first session) and is unable to advance in any way.

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          alpi agarwal Adobe Employee



          I tried your scenario on Connect as well as on cloud.scorm. I could not reproduce it.

          Could you please share your presentation or mention the following things

          1. No of Quiz

          2. No of Questions

          3. What quiz/question settings did you apply

          4. What LMS did you use.


          You may mail me the presentation and your course link at alpagar@adobe.com




          Alpi Agarwal

          Presenter Engineering Team

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            RediLearning1 Level 1



            I tried twice to email you a sample but it was returned both times.


            I'm testing on SCORM Cloud and our company's LMS - custom (SCORM 1.2) In both cases, my colleague and I are able to reproduce the error.

            I'm thinking about downloading a trial version of Adobe Presenter on my personal computer to see if the error is able to be recreated.


            In our courses we have one graded test (passing score 70%).

            We generally have the setting at Answer All.

            There are also 10 questions in our test though in my sample I only have 5.

            We randomize the test questions.
            We provide unlimited number of attempts (or 99) to pass the test. If they fail, we redirect them to the test landing slide. If they pass, we advance them to a course evaluation slide.


            These were courses that were originally created in an earlier version of Adobe. We since upgraded and had to rework some previously existing courses.