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    Why is there no "download now" button?


      There is no "download now" button on the 11.6.602.180 page for msie 64-bit

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          pwillener Level 8

          Download and run the offline installer from http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html#mai n-pars_header


          I have seen several posts today that there was no Download button on that page, so there must be some kind of problem.  But I see it fine, although I never usually go to that page.

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            I try to download the off-line installer and the download has been sitting for 5 minutes with no data transfered. There is an obvious problem with the latest version.

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              jkellyjr Level 1

              Three days and running and still no "download now" button.  I've seen the same complaint reported in more than half a dozen other postings to this forum.  The offline installer link is dead. All the solutions recommending going to get.adobe.com/flashplayer take you to get2.adobe.com/flashplayer, which does not have a "download now" button.  Getting rid of temporary Internet files and Adobe cookies does not solve the situation.  And now people are starting to post that previously installed versions of Flash are disappearing on them.


              What does it take to get you people at Adobe to admit you have a problem?  Are you even interested in solving it.  The only thing you haven't proposed yet is to "uninstall and reinstall windows" (the old Bangalore Express saw).


              The Windows 7 64-bit IE ActiveX download page is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.  Do something about it.

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                We are aware of this bug and are in the process of determining the cause.  While we work to correct this, please download the stand alone installers that Pat has referenced in his post.


                Installation Problems - Flash Player - Windows

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                  jkellyjr Level 1

                  Congratulations, you haven't listened to anything yet.  Gelousy 3 told you before you sent this message (see above) that the stand alone off-line installer didn't work.  If you go to the helpx.adobe.com installer page that Pat referenced above, the most it will do is bring up a blank instance of Internet Explorer (no url, no body content, no action) and then switch back to the helpx page highlighting that you already have the most recent version installed.  I don't.  That page has been DEAD, DEAD, DEAD for the past three days and is still DEAD, DEAD, DEAD.

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                    pwillener Level 8

                    I have no problems downloading the offline installers.  It takes about 3 ~ 5 seconds for the full download to complete.

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                      jkellyjr Level 1

                      Sorry, you were right.  Yesterday, the helpx page came up with "A newer version already installed" at the top of the page.  I figured that was a logical response, since you couldn't find a download button anywhere.


                      I tried it again after your last post and it came up with "Progress bar hangs during download/Unable to connect to server" at the top, making the direct links visible.  I had previously scrolled through that whole page at least twice, and must have blown right by any mention of direct links.  Amazing -- when you get ticked off enough, you see just what you expect you should see.  I didn't expect to see anything that was going to work.


                      Thanks for staying with me on it.


                      P.S.  I wish I had your internet connection -- a 3-5 second download!  It took a full 2 minutes on the glorious HughesNet satellite internet connection.  (We live so far off the beaten track that they won't even point their new Gen4 satellite at us.)

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                        I see this was posted in 2013.. it's 2016 and there's still no download button. Has Adobe discontinued Fireworks?