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    Is there a way to script database garbage collection so the process can be scheduled?

    jforney@TE Level 1

      Presently we're just upgrading to CQ v5.5 and so I'm not even certain where I'd go in 5.5 to kick this process off manually since there is no longer a CRX Console in 5.5.  In CQ v5.4 to kick the process off manually I'd go to the "Repository Configuration" area within the CRX Console and select the "Data Store Garbage Collection" tool.  It is this process that I'd dearly love to script in a .bat file or the like so that I can schedule it to run on a regular basis w/o having to remember.  Forgive me if this is common knowledge but I searched the documentation site for a bit but could find nothing on this subject.


      It's just occured to me that perhaps the JCR database has been enhanced in CQ v5.5 so that data store garbage collection is no longer something anybody needs to worry about.  When I first learned of the need to manually kick off data store garbage collection processes from time-to-time in CQ v5.4 my initial reaction was to ask why that wasn't simply part of the running CRX instance's normal mode of operation to perform garbage collection similar to the way it is within a running Java JVM when it comes to Java objects that are no longer being referenced.  Could it be that the reason I can't find where the utility is located in CQ v5.5 is because it's no needed because JackRabbit has been enhanced to take care of it on it's own?  After all why would anybody not want garbage collection to simply occur as part of a live' CRX instance's normal mode of operation.  Granted there should probably be a way to control it's behavior through configuration but the need for it to occur is self evident I should think.