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    folder level script error for creating a button - help


      -Using Acrobat X Pro on Windows 7 64bit -


      So I'm trying to create a folder level script that creates a toolbar button, which when pressed will flatten the pdf and save it.  My problem is that when I run it on one certain PDf, it will flatten the pdf, but not save it. When I run it in any other pdfs I get this error:


      NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.

      Doc.flattenPages:4:App TestingButton:Exec


      Here is my code for the folder level javascript


      app.addToolButton({cName: "TestingButton", cLabel: "Test Button", cEnable: "event.rc = (app.doc != null);", cExec: "proccessTicket();" });
      var proccessTicket = function() { 



      Also, I'm not sure I've done the "var proccessTicket" correctly.  It doesn't seem to be saving the pdf when I perform it in the ond pdf that the script will work in.


      Also, how do I get this to show up automatically at startup in the quick tools toolbar section rather than in the pane on the right.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance.