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    Balancing Audio to -12db without using Audio Meters????

    EdwurdAdam Level 1

      I am working with a few songs and some are louder than others. I want to be able to balance out the audio so they are all at around -12db.


      Is there a quick way to do this in Premiere Pro CS 6?


      Right now I am clicking on the audio clip, then going selecting "Audio Gain." A box comes up and it has 4 choices:


      1) Set Gain

      2) Adjust Gain

      3) Normalize Peak

      4) Normalize All Peaks.


      Which one should I pick?


      Is there another way of accomplishing what I want to accomplish inside Premiere Pro? If so, How?


      Thanks in advance.


      Premiere Pro CS 6

      Power Mac Xeon

      10 GB RAM