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    Some help with code if possible.


      Hi again adobe community =D!


      Im VERY new to flash but have been hooked line and sinker after trying to make my own game! i've learned alot(in my mind) in the short period of time that i have been using flash. But as any new person i need a hand every once in a while ...


      And im so stuck that i think i might need alot of help (then again im new might not be too difficult to grasp).. but we shall see.


      Ok i've looked all over the internet for a tutorial or a guide or any bit of info on an inventory system that works with the mouse and not collision.

      everywhere i look i find guide on how to make these collision inventorys but nothing like the one i am after.


      Ok so i have _global.bottleofwater = 0; as my var.


      I have also added in the Bottle of water item giving it the code


      on (release) {

      _global.bottleofwater += 1;



      But apart from the flash registering i have indeed got a bottle of water id also like to have it show up in my inventory. i tried to just make it a dynamic textbox(that worked) but then i wanted to make it a usable item and not just a key to allow me to jump to a new frame.. so i tryed to make the dynamic box a button, so that if i click the box it would consume the bottle of water (unless ofcourse the amount is 0) ... which didn't make flash mx unhappy... it launched my game with no errors... but when i mouse over my dynamic box(which is a button also) the whole program crashes.


      Please any help!

      im using Flash MX and am VERY new so please any replys to understand that i am new and am trying to learn.