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    I need help with my formats importing and exporting, as I'm new to Adobe Premiere


      Okay,  I'm editing on my friends Premiere system.


      I shot on the Canon 5D Mark III, at 1080p 24fps.


      This is a greenscreened TV show, somewhat Talk Soup/Tosh.0-esque. So I plan on using Premiere and After Effects (for the green screen Keylight 1.2).


      I need to deliever the show (in a week!) in the format of - MPEG-2 Program Stream, 4:3 (letter boxed) NTSC, 720x480 29.97.


      I know that what I shot in does not match, SO, my questions are as follows:


      What is the best settings to import my footage at? And with that in consideration, what should I export my sequences at? How much do these effect one another?


      What is the best way to cross platform between Premiere and AE?


      I've been "trying" to figure this all out through trial and error, it has been making me think of exporting the footage at it's highest quality and bring it into Compressor to turn it into the MPEG-2 Program Stream format. But when I do so it does not make a letter boxed 4:3, so I assume it needs to be that way before I export from PP. Is that the case? When I do, do that, PP makes it letterboxed, and after it comes out of compressor it appears to shrink it more and not just letterbox the top and bottom, but the sides as well.


      Overall, what am I doing wrong? How do I fix it? How do I take the footage I have and deliever it as they'd like it? (also if uploading the final product to an FTP site changes anything, that is how they'd like me to have it delievered)


      Thank you for your help, please let me know how screwed I am as soon as you can.