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    Retrieve "Description" metadata from image with XML


      I'm trying to create an automated workflow for some of my newspaper pages. I've learned how to use XML to import text into different tags on the page, and images into tagged image boxes on the page. My question now is how to generate "Description" info that is located within the images metadata under "File Info." You see, our photographer saves his images as a jpg and adds the caption info under "description" before saving in Photoshop. I want to have this "description" meta data to import in one shot along with my headlines, text and images. Right now I have to manually "Generate a caption" or create a Live Caption." It seems to me like there must be a way to generate the "description" info into and existing text box underneath a photo.


      See screen shot below for an example of where I am trying to generate the caption. I want to generate the text "An Overall of Village Greens Golf Club" when I import my XML file. I don't like using the "Live Caption" optin because if the text box isn't touching the image box, the info disappears. Is there an alternate way?


      Thanks a lot!




      Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 3.38.19 PM.png

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          I am sorry, you will need to use the caption functionality. And yes, the caption's text frame has to touch the image or has to be in a group with the image, at least for live caption. But what is the problem here? If you need a distance of the text to the image set up an object style which has set up a text offset at the top and will bring the text in the wanted distance to the image.


          That was answer to your question.


          Another thing I see in your screen shoot is a very complicated layout. You could simplify a lot when you

          • use the span column function for the Headlines
          • use only one text frame
          • use an anchored frame, settings saved in object style for the photo on the left top
          • use only automatic hyphenation and use the user dictionary
          • avoid multiple spaces in any circumstance and use fix sized spaces in their place.
          • work with layers.