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    Why does dobe Flash Player have troubles with Firefox and not IE?


      I had an Auto update for both Firefox and Adobe (I have now disabled all of the autos I could find for everything!!) and after that whenever I shut down my computer Adobe Flash stops working, checked to see if it was installed on Adobes find your version page and nothing was their. Everyday when I start my computer I must go to unistall programs and uninstall Adobe Flash than reinstall it and everything is fine untill I shut down the computer. I called Mozilla and they want to do a Remote connection and a one time SERVICE FEE to correct the trouble, I am a sceptic, do they put a bug in one of their updates so that one day you pay? Or is the problem Adobes?? No the problem is mine and I guess I will use IE, but I got alot of stuff saved in Firefox and would like to know how to fix it or why it happened. Windows 7 64bit, Flash 11.6.602.180, Firefox 19.0.2 Thanks