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    What is the "ImporterArib.bundle and why can't my system execute it?

    Autoworldmobilia Level 1

      Most of us Mac Users that watch the Console have seen the following error:


      Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 [ ] Cannot find executable for CFBundle 0x1138e7da0 </Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CS6/Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.app/Contents/Plug-Ins/Common/ImporterArib.bundle> (not loaded)


      ... as it appears several times when launching PP.


      What is it and why is it still a error even past the last few updates?


      The file size is 200 bytes .. when other similar bundles are many KB.


      Upon package inspection ... it is missing a info.plist, Code_Resources, and a Mac_OS file.


      What is going on Adobe?