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    Jquery Mobile Website does not preview properly in Dreamweaver's Live View or in my web browser

    Enrique1972 Level 1

      I'm using Dreamweaver 12.0 Build 5861.


      I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I go

      1. File / New / Page from Sample / Mobile Starters / JQuery Mobile with theme (local).
      2. I then save my page.
      3. Then when I go to preview my new page in Live View, it shows a page without any styles, etc.
      4. When I upload the page and additional files created by Dreamweaver to my server. I preview it and it will look like the default style JQuery page, but when I click on the button to see the content for that page, there is not a "back" button to come back to my home page.
      5. Also, when I try to implement a JQuery mobile swatch, the Swatch window says "No Theme Applied."


      I feel like I'm missing something really simple,,, but what? Is there a setting I need to change or am I missing a step? I have looked at many video tutorials online and I believe I am taking the same steps.