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    Problem exporting booklet with tab dividers to pdf


      Hi, I have an Indesign document that has different page sizes (because some pages have tab dividers). I need to export it to pdf as a booklet, however I've found some problems:

      - When I choose the "Spreads" option, the page 2 is facing the page 3 but I need the document as a booklet, so the page 2 sould be facing the one that is before the last page).

      - When I choose the "pages" option and then select the "booklet" option in Acrobat Pro, for some reason there's a big space between the 2 pages (the size of each page is like 1/4 of a letter size page). I mean, the 2 pages are not

      - As I said before, some pages have tab dividers so, when I'll print it, I have to cut the tabs that are not usefull in each page. However the document is a booklet, so I need that the page behind the one I'm cutting has it's information adjusted so I don't lose some of the data.


      I would really appreciate any help you can give me.

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          gert verrept Level 2

          Did you try this plug-in:

          quite imposing plus?

          When you make a booklet, it'll be created with the largest page size (size + tab). However, your text stays on the same place, so cutting of the extra space shouldn't be an issue.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            For professionell printers ist is not a problem. If you wnat to give it away for printing, don't impose it yourself. Deliver the pdf with single pages and bleed and communicate with the printer. Imposing is their job.


            I would not use the booklet funktion inside InDesign.


            For your case, when you need to print it on a Laser Printer, I would use the print booklet function in Acrobat Pro.

            Problem is here for you, that the pages have different sizes. If you have no plans to give it to a printer make all pages to the same size and cut it later. If you need both, create an alternative Layout with same sized pages and us the second one for Laser Printing.