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    How do I optimize "Waiting for the next frame"


      When running my swf file in release build, the first time I start the browser after cleaning the browser cache, the .swf will appear in less than a second.  If I attach scout, I can see it is around .7 seconds to finish.


      However, after this run all subsequent times I load the page, it takes ~3 seconds.

      When I look at scout, I see almost identical CPU and memory use , but it is spending ~2.3 seconds "Waiting for the next frame".  (almost an extra 700ms per frame).


      There is no requirement for animation, all of the content is very static.   I'd just like to render it as fast as possible.


      I know it's not related to caching the .swf file because I have tried turning off the caching (by adding a random parameter) and verified using Httplogger that it is always downloading a new .swf file.  (I turned back on caching).  So I'm kind of not sure what to do next...


      What things can I try to optimize this?  Are there places I can read about this issue?


      (P.S.  >>  I notice it spends a lot more time "Waiting for the next frame" when I build a debug version.  Don't know if that's relevant...)