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    Ralph Voe

      While using Presenter 8 with a powerpoint in the background, I found that some of the slides were not showing on playback.  I hit record video from the presenter 8 tab in powerpoint.  Powerpoint 2010.


      Everything looked good as I recorded the session.  Every time I went to playback for the editing portion, it would skip every third or fourth slide.  The slide would actually appear for a split second and then move onto the next slide.  Using logitech c920 camera and the built in microphone.


      Tried to do this about 6 times with the same results.



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          Vikram@Adobe Level 1

          Hi Ralph Voe,

          I tried to reproduce your issue. This issue is reproducible with few ppt, pptx files. We are working on it.

          The issue is not reproducible if I copied a bunch of slides including the slide with issue to a new pptx file. I guess this issue is related to some particular setting of the old powerpoint files. We w'll get back, when we find the cause of the issue.




          Adobe Presenter Engg. Team

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            Ralph Voe Level 1

            One of the things that I have tried is to reduce the size of the powerpoint file.  It was filled with high dpi photo’s.  I was able to reduce if from 62 mb down to 6 mb. Still had the same problem.