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    Crackling at the start of each piece of audio?

    HannahBloom Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've come across a problem when editing an interview on Adobe CS6. I'm working with audio from a perfectly good piece of footage - when listening to it in its raw form there is no crackling. However, when I use the razor tool to chop up the footage and its corresponding audio, the start of each clip has a 'shhh' sound for about 2 seconds. I know that this is not the microphone crackling as the audio sounds fine when it's not chopped up. I have tried putting an Exponential Fade at the start of each piece of audio and manually fading it in using the pen tool, but it still sounds muffled for the first few seconds. I have also tried to use the Decrackler & Declicker effect, but as there's no actually cracking on the audio track itself, this has made no difference. The other thing - I can't hear this sound when editing in Adobe Premiere - it's only when the project has been exported into a movie file.


      Any ideas how I can fix this?