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    CS6 Layer Comps - Bug

    Ichabodcole Level 1

      There is a bug in CS6 layer comps that does not save the appearance of layers which have had their layer style cleared.


      Steps to recreate.

      1. Create a black square in a new photoshop document.

      2. Create a layer style on the black square and set the over layer color to red.

      3. Create a layer comp and turn on "Appearance" tracking, then update the layer comp.

      4. Clear the layer style for the square, it should now be black again.

      5. Create a second layer comp also with "Appearance" tracking on, and update it.

      6. Go back and forth between the layer comps, the layer should turn from red to black, and the layer style should disappear and reappear on the layer, in the layers panel.

      7. Save and close the file.

      8. Re-open the file

      9. Go back and forth through the layer comps, both will show a red square. The layer style never gets cleared.


      This has cost me time and caused me pain, please fix.


      FYI, I'm using a 2010 Mac Book Pro w OSX 10.8.3 and Photoshop 13.1.2 x64

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          I am having a similar issue with Layer Comps. It isn't that Appearance isn't holding true it is the position of the elements. I move elements to a certain position, update the layer comp, switch to another layer comp then back again and they moved all over the place.


          Sad to see there has been no response to this post.

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            I'm having the exact same issue with layer comps not performing correctly in regards to Color Overlay, when the document is saved and then re-opened.

            This bug has been around since ages, and still present in Photoshop CC 2015.1.1 (latest update).


            Please fix this annoying bug, as it is almost impossible to work with layer comps using color overlays.


            Thank you

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              just updated to most recent version today and bug is still there (unless it's an undocumented feature).


              Only workaround I've found is to have two layer styles defined. One that you want it to change to, and then another to change it back to the original color. and yeah, this bug has been around for ages.