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    How to export psd files without using creative cloud? [FIXED-sort of]


      I would like to be able to save my photoshop touch projects without having to use creative cloud.


      I often do not have access to an internet connexion and I need to be able to transfer my projects to my desktop computer without relying on creative cloud.


      Is there a feature that allows that? Or at least a way to access the files in my tablet directory to copy them on a usb device (i'm using a nexus 7) ?


      Creative Cloud is great but I paid for this app and would be very disappointed if I was not able to transfer my projects while offline. The ability to start work on my tablet and

      continue on any computer is the reason i bought ps touch and it would be a major downside to be unable to do that without internet connectivity.


      Thanks to anyone who replies!



      EDIT : while i could not find the photoshop files inside the folders of my tablet I was able to send them to my computer as psd files via bluetooth, using the "share" function.

      I hope this helps someone!


      Though if anyone knows a way to copy them on usb i'm still interested.