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    URGENT! deadline today : [   £10 to anyone who can solve this!

    Luke Flegg Level 1

      I hope people don't mind me offering this as a token of my gratitude, should someone be able to resolve this-

      I'm completely stuck now and feel powerless, unable to finish this edit because of this technical problem...


      Basically, when I apply Time Remapping to a nested sequence, it becomes black from about halfway through, onwards. If I disable Mercury Playback Engine, it solves this issue and the blackness is replaced by the remainder of the clip but other problems happen (edge feathering suddenly isn't possible[!?] and obviously performance)


      Not sure if it's directly related but if I apply a new Edge feather it curiously slips clips back or forward a few frames..


      Here's the video I made illustrating the issue:



      Thanks so much for any help or ideas : ]