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    Activated Adobe Encore CS6 from Production Premium CS6 suite, closes with Trial Expired error


      Good day,


      We have customer owning 10 Adobe Production Premium CS6 packages. And he expiriencing huge problem, after activation, sometimes it was offline cause Workstations were moved from one location to another without internet, and we were forced to process offline activation. After activation all programs activated and starting as it should, but Encore on startup raising error window "Trial Period expired please entere valid serial number to continue" with small OK button in the center, when you press it Encore closes without any additional information or input dialogs or activation. So it's stupid and it's problem, Production Premium CS6 is activated but single package from suite not, but should and i don't see any buttons or options saying activate encore here! or enter valid serial number here!.


      So in such obstacles how to start Encore ? Cause it's bought and customer want to work with it and he can't at all, not even in demo/trial mode.


      Best Regards.