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    sorting view.data object android, FB 4.6


      Hello All,

                     I have a view.data object that has all the values I need between views. The android app seems to be working fine, but I realized, that when I try to display the text boxes check boxes etc by using addElement() the data object is read in a random fashion so the display is also random.


      Let me explain:


      data object contains


      100TextArea        Object

      101TextArea        Object

      102CheckBox        Object

      103TextArea        Object

      104CheckBox        Object

      105TextArea        Object

      106CheckBox         Object

      107TextArea        Object

      108TextArea        Object

      109CheckBox         Object

      110TextArea        Object

      99CheckBox           Object

      98TextArea          Object

      97TextArea          Object


      Now I read the data object

      for (y:String in data)


           // do something



      But, y is chosen random i.e. some times y starts with  109CheckBox then goes to 97TextArea then 103TextArea etc and next time completely new sequence. This causing randomness in my display which not desirable. Please any one can tell me a way to read in an order preferably sorted order. I tried to look for sort, but data object doesn't have a sort() function .


      thank you in advance