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    LiveCycle - Versions of documents


      I am new to LiveCycle and dont understand how it deals with the following.



      I have a process where I get jobholders to fill in their details in a form and submit, this form is sent to their manager for reject/approve.


      If it is rejected, its sent back to the Jobholder for editing and to re-submit. This process could happen multiple times.



      My question is where should I store these forms, do I let uses save them locally, or do I store them on the Server.


      If they are on the Server, what is stopping a jobholder from using an old version of the form then re-submiting it?



      Jobholder might edit a form for a couple of days saving versions locally.

      Then when happy they submit it to their Manager.

      The manager adds his comments and rejects it, and send its back with comments included.

      What if the jobholder doesnt use this version, but instead uses the local version the sent to the Manager (ie without comments)


      Is there any versioning of documents, Or any restrictions preventing this?

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          N Santosh Kumar Adobe Employee

          AFAIR the mortgage sample that is provided OOTB with LC installation has a similar flow.


          You can follow that as a guideline and achieve your usecase


          If the orchestration/process is created as long lived , the forms are automatically saved on server and you need not explicitly save it on client and user cannot use an older version of the form for submitting