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    Combo box not behaving like it should

    yeungyam Level 1

      I have a form in which I have 4 combo boxes that have more or less the same choices, however there is one that is common to all 4 (E078).

      When "E078" is selected in any of the combo box, a new combo box will appear (and a white rectangle will be hidden so that the new combo box title can be seen). It works when I select that in one or more combo box, however to make it disappear I have to select some other choice in the same combo box twice!!! If I select anything only once, it will not make the new combo box hidden, but if re-select something (same or another choice) then the combo box will disappear!

      I am at lost, and would be very thankful if someone could make it work seamlessly. I mean it works, nut it is just inconvenient and I cannot tell the user to make select something else twice if they want the field to disappear.

      Here is my form: