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    How can I hyperlink pages between multiple indd docs, and have them work in a pdf?

    Silfron Level 1

      Ok, this is confusing, so I'm going to try to be as clear as possible. I'm using InDesign CS6.


      I am working on a catalog, over 500 pages, which is split into several smaller indd files.


      I need to end with one single pdf of the whole catalog, with links to different pages. For example, there's an index in the back, a TOC in the front, and various "related product" type references throughout the catalog which I would like to have the page numbers as clickable links.


      When I try just linking to the different docs, either clicking it in the pdf opens the indd file (not helpful) or nothing happens at all (even less helpful). So I assume there must be a trick to it. Or it's impossible.


      I know how to do this if everything was one big indd file, but it's not. I suppose that could be an option but I really don't know how my mac will react to a file that large.


      So, how can I make this happen? Is there a way? Would it be better to just do this in Acrobat?