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    InDesign CS6 Linked Word file issue


      Hi, I have a number of 100+ page InDesign files which have a large (linked) Word file that threads though multiple text boxes throughout all of the document pages.


      The files need to be shared amongst multiple computers within our studio. This setup was used with InDesign CS5.5 last year and worked fine, it was still working fine with CS5.5 this year but we needed to upgrade to CS6.


      We have the trial version of CS6 installed throughout the studio now however we have been having big problems just opening the InDesign files up in CS6. They predominantly seemed to only open up 95% of the way and then hang (spinning wheel) and when (on occasion) we did get 1 open, it was clearly struggling and normally crashed. Can't get most open at all any more.


      I have tried opening files on different computers (Mac & PC), tried changing format of linked Word file, the only thing that seemed to ever work was breaking the link to the Word file
      (from within CS6) and then saving without Word file linked. This is not ideal for our workflow but even if we wanted to do this to all files, I am unable to even get in to some of them to unlink them now (as they are now all saved as CS6 files which won't open). Moving Word doc from location (so that InDesign can't pick it up) also doesn't work.


      I have tried deleting InDesign preferences & all recovery files several times, still no joy. It may be related to being on the trial version (seeing as 5.5 still seems fine) but I am hesitant to upgrade everything if it is not going to work. Does anyone have any ideas??