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    FrameMaker to RoboHelp to EPUB for side notes




      I have a FrameMaker 10 document with side notes (paragraph style has format "Side Head-Alignment"):


      I then import into RoboHelp 9 and generate an EPUB document. The result is that the "Note" label is right justified on the body:


      2013_03_15_11-16-51_Byron's Kindle for win7_32bit_oci - TAO Developer's Guide 2.2a.png

      Can you tell me how I can change it so that the Note labels in the EPUB are automatically left justified above the note body instead of right justified? There are hundreds of of "Side Head-Alignment" paragraph styles in the document I'm working with and want to avoid doing this change manually within the RoboHelp GUI.



      Byron Harris


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