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    Do you need FlashPlayer HD.


      FlashPlayer HD keeps trying to get me to download is it needed.

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          I'm not familiar with FlashPlayer HD.  What's the URL for this?

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            slowwitted Level 1

            No url it pops up when you watch anime.

            Goodanime.com  play a vidoe and it will pop up.

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              I was prompted to download Flashplayer HD for HD wallpapers-as with many sites when accepting this the downloading automatically sets it to express install with all boxes for unwanted changes like homepage and other unwanted programs,even trying a manual install and unchecking all boxes just to get the player resulted in getting all the programs anyway...a good sign that it is a malicious site-so going to uninstall programs i uninstalled all programs with that date (I had not installed anything else on this date so that was easy). I then ran my antivirus and did catch adware and maleware on my computer. I did this before turning off my computer and restarting it later as with many programs , even maleware and viruses, need a reboot to really take hold. The unistaller showed spanish segments and I think it's both a tracking and crashing computer site by some south american country or group. I was stupid to trust a third party instead of the http:// site (secured and reliable) of the Fash player Adobe site. I think the regular flash player is already HD and it is included to seduce you into thinking it's a better version (I have not looked at this site to see if it is offerred here-if it is it's where i would get it even if it was a few $$$). Good luck people.p.S.the installer was in english and did not give me a option of the player language-so it was itself in spanish,Strongvault online storage,optimum installer,and a few other programs came with it which themselves may be legit but from the site i was at they may have attached the malware. Avoid all this and just install directly from adobe.