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    Bouncing video, any help


      Hello everyone,


      I am rather new to the video editing world, and am doing it as part of a work project. As I have started using the software, I know that I am doing something wrong. So I am going to split this question section into 2 portions. First and foremost, what are some good learning sites? Maybe even online classes, anything that will help me become more fluent with the software. Anything would help. I did see some tutorials on here, but you never know who has something better.


      Secondly, after I have rendered and published the video I am having a multitude of issues. Basically what I need from my video is to be able to get it into mp4 format, and have it run smooth. I've used a couple of different settings, but it seems like after I publish and watch the video it loses a lot of quality. When viewed full screen it appears pixalated (sp?). The most recent settings the video looks bouncy. Any suggestions?