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    Twixtor plugin doesn't render using Adobe Media Encoder


      Hello, I'm having a weird case here with Twixtor 5.0 and Premiere CS6.


      First I was getting the orange screens rendering a sequence with twixtor in it. Them I read the solution for it, that is: "The seuquence have to be the same setting as the clip with twixtor applied"

      So I did it, and profit! It was working. I fixed all my sequences, and send to Adobe Media Encoder. After I burned the DVD with the MPEGs AME created, the orange screens were there again.


      If I export straight from Premiere, the video is fine! No orange screens, but if I send the sequence to AME, or even import it straight from AME, the video will have the error.


      Please, can someone help? There's a lot of chapters, and I don't want to render one by one trough Premiere, I could even put everything in one final sequence, but them I don't know if the final MPEG would save the chapter marks I would have to create in it...


      I really like AME, and want to use it







      Windows 8 PRO

      Premiere CS6 6.0.3

      Twixtor V5.0