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    Indexing table cell entries?


      Hello all-


      I'm having an indexing issue. I'm working on a large book comprised of several ID CS6 documents. I want to create an index using item part numbers that appear throughout the book. However, each part number is in its own table cell. I know that I can create a new index entry using the Index panel (or by selecting the text and Shift-Opt-Cmd-[), but is there a way I can select a whole column of a table (where I want every cell to be a separate index entry) to do this process? It would take forever to do each one at a time. If I just select the table column and do the keyboard command, nothing happens. When I click on "Create a new index entry" from the Index panel, with the column selected, it doesn't fill in the "Topic Levels" boxes with anything, as it does when I just select one item number at a time.


      I tried doing a "Find/Change" to add an Index Marker symbol to the beginning of each cell entry, but InDesign won't let me enter the Index Marker tag in the "Change To..." box, only the "Find What" box.


      This has me stumped. Any suggestions?