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    Linking to Anchor Points?

      Hi there,

      I have a Flash Animation .swf, and I have placed it in a HTML web page.
      The purpose of this animation is that I can click on five different sections of it, and each of these sections takes me to the anchor points on the webpage. I have setup all the buttons in the Flash animation correctly.

      Normally to link to an anchor point, you just name the point like 'Johnny' then to create the link to it, using #Johnny. That works great for normal images and text. But how would I do this in Flash for my animation?

      I've tired adding the Web behavior for buttons "Goto Webpage" and I have just put in '#Johnny', on '_self'. But when I test it on the webpage, it does nothing.

      Has anyone tried doing this before? Is there anyway it can work?

      Any help would be great.