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    No Timecode recorded in CS6

    Russell Murphy

      I am using CS6 under Windows 8 to capture video from analogue (8mm) tapes. I have a fairly high-spec computer with 12GB RAM, a Nvidia GForce Graphics card and multiple drives - the C drive and one of my data drives are SSD so everything loads quickly.


      I am using a digital 8mm tape camcorder to play the tapes. The tapes play correctly and PPro connects to the camcorder - I can control it using the tape control icons at the bottom of the capture window. When the video plays, I can record it to AVI files.


      It is a long time since I have done capture this way - my latest camcorder is HD digital so I just transfer the files over from the camera to my computer. The tapes I have date from the early 90's to '98 - I have about 60 x 3 hour tapes to go through.


      The only thing that is annoying me is that the Timcode indicators do not change during capture, playback or scrubbing of the video. I can see the counter moving in playback window of the camcorder. Is this a bug or something that I have not done correctly?