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    Problem processing session variable set in jsp in cf 9


      As I am new to all of this and learning on the go, please forgive me if my question and example below seems rather...lame. But I am trying to set a cookie on the host (a CF server), rather than in a domain via the client (Websphere containing my jsp), which I could do via javascript in a jsp, but I can't really do that, since I need this particular cookie to be set on the host, by the host, with since the other cookies being set on the host by the CF application running there, are of course, also set on the host. I also cannot do this as an argument to a URL for security reasons. It is a unique user identifier that I'm passing to the other side. So in my mind, setting this information in a session variable seems like my best option to get it over to the other side. Unfortunately, I lack experience working with CF to understand the correct syntax for this, and so in my jsp I've coded this: session.setAttribute("cf_varname","cf_varvalue"); and in the Cold Fusion function I now have: But I receive the following error in the CF logs for CF 9. Element cf_cookieval is undefined in SESSION. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any and all information and suggestions. Nelson