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    Problem getting video from firewire camera

      I've written a small app that gets video from camera and publishes it through FMS(2). It works well with any USB webcams I could find, but I have problems with firewire cameras. I can select the camera in Flash settings, and getCamera() returns the appropriate Camera object (e.g. it has the correct name, "Microsoft DV Camera", which is what's its name in Windows), but I get no/blank video.

      Code snippet:
      var myCam:Camera = Camera.getCamera();
      Alert.show("Using " + myCam.name);

      The same code and the same camera seems to work on OS X. I've tried out two different firewire cameras on two different Windows (XP) machines, and they consistently didn't work. They do work in Flash Media Encoder (I'm not sure if it was written in Flash engine), or other programs that do capture in Windows; but my problem is that I need to inject metadata (stream.send()) into the stream so i can't just use FME :(

      Any ideas why this doesn't work? Do firewire cameras have issues with flash/flex (for the reference, I'm using Flex2/Flash9) on Windows XP, or am I doing something wrong here?