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    GTX Titan - 12% improvement?

    Nicol Simard Level 1

      OK, I am one of those stupid early adopters who sometimes has more money than brains - and today was one of those days. I had to have an NVidia GTX Titan. I got one this afternoon and ran a quick test with a recent 3 min. 57 sec. video I made earlier this week. It was nothing fancy: 1080p, 30 fps, 8 graphic layers (2 animated background images and 1 footage with green screen). It was not created to try and take advantage of the GPU. It was just a typical video I produce daily.


      Here is my system:

      CPU: I7-3930K (4.4 ghz)

      GPU: stock Asus GTX 680

      RAM: 64 gig (1866 mhz)

      C: drive: 240 meg Intel 520

      Source drive: 2 x 240 gig Intel 520 (RAID 0)

      Destination drive 2 x 240 gig Intel 520 (RAID 0)

      TODAY'S upgrade: ASUS GTX Titan


      Here are my results:

      - Rendering to H.264 (HD 1080p, 30 fps) took exactly the same amount of time. There was no improvement. The 237 sec. video took 170 seconds to render with both GPUs.

      - Rendering to MPEG2 (HDTV 1080p, 30 fps) was faster. Not by a lot but around 12%. What would normally take 96 seconds took 84.


      But since this test was done using my iPhone's stop watch, you could add or deduct a couple of seconds either way. I will redo the PPBM5 test later tonight or tomorrow during the day. We will see if I score better than before.