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    Flash Loading XML

      I'm familiar with loading XML in Flash, presently working on a project that loads XML from a URL.

      What I'm wondering is how do I setup the load statement in Flash so that I can load a dynamic URL?

      For example a standard loading statement for XML is:

      my_xml.load(" http://www.myurl.com/data.xml");

      What would I do if I want the data.xml end of that URL to be dynamic? So that it might read - my_xml.load(" http://www.myurl.com/h/data?i=10");

      where i=10 represents the XML file to load.

      That variable will need to be assigned on page preceeding the XML, but I don't know how to do this, since Flash needs to know what URL to load the XML from before getting to the load statement.

      I apologize if it sounds confusing, and appreciate any help.