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    Premiere Pro Feature Request forum on Reddit - Useful?


      Hello all,


      I have no idea if this will be valuable to the community, but I haven't been able to find a forum thread focused exclusively on Premiere Pro feature requests, so I made a subreddit doing just that.


      I'm a new user of Premiere Pro. Switched from FCP 7 which I was using exclusively for years professionally.


      In my daily work I often discover simple and useful things that I utilized all the time in FCP are just not possible in Premiere Pro. I like Premiere, but there are many little things that I wish it did better.


      Every time I've submitted feature requests to Adobe, they feel like a drop in the bucket.


      I hope with this subreddit, we can maybe band together and be vocal about the things we really want and get noticed in the process. You can find the subreddit here: