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    Re-position existing animations as one unit

    Andrew Kinnear

      I'm trying to find a way to re-position made animations globally so that the whole animation moves as a unit.


      For example: Draw a rectangle on the stage and set x and y keyframes. Move the playhead, move the rectangle, set two more x and y keyframes. You now have a rectangle that moves diagonally right and down over time but you want to change the position of the whole animation on the stage. So, check auto-keyframe and auto-transition are switched off and select and move the rectangle. If the playead is on or before the first keyframe the start position changes but not the end position. If the playhead is after the last keyframe the end position changes but not the start. If the playhead is in the middle of the two keyframes it generates new keyframes even though auto-keyframe is off. The animation will only change globally if the spatial property being altered does not already have a transition strip i.e a vertical animation (only y value changing) can be moved horizontally and stay unchanged because no x value transition is specified.


      Am I missing something? I'm using 1.5