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    Excel linked, table/cell style and border table

    Folobo Level 1

      Hi all, i have a several linked Excel table formatted with table/cell/paragraph style.

      All work well but i have 2 small problem:


      1) How to say to indesign that header row is the same of the Excel file? I have to do a manual  - convert to - after i have imported the table.

      How to solve this? Indd seems do not see the Excel header, is it correct? Is there an easy plugin avaiable to do it?


      2) Why the border table (in table style) do not work? Is it correct? I think because i use cell style! Is it correct? The solution to do a stroke to the frame is a bad way, i think. Can i have a confirm? (see below - the stroke frame is a request of my client).

      What is the best solution to set a border table?




      Really many thanks for this great forum!