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    When will Adobe make a stable version of Flash?


      I'm TerminalMontage, a youtube animator. I'm friends with many other youtube animators, some are pretty popular, all of them which use Flash. For MANY years now, we've been dealing with a nice program. Nice, other than the fact that it crashes A LOT. And by a lot I mean, with every project I have worked on, I'm going to crash at LEAST once. Crashes are more likely the longer a project is.


      I use Flash CS5.5. A 1 minute and 33 second animation that I made, crashed WELL over TEN TIMES during production, if I didn't back up my work in 3 seperate folders, I would've lost all my work with the .flas corrupting here and there. To work around this problem, every 100-200 frames I would start a brand new .fla, and put them all together in the end. I've been using Flash since Flash MX 2004 back when Macromedia owned it.


      If I draw a ball and tween it all over the place for a million frames, Flash is fine. But if I animate a man walking, frame by frame, I experience heavy lag, long save times, and higher crash chances before I reach 100 frames of frame-by-frame animation. Regardless of the power of my computer, this program has VERY weak limitations. If I draw too much in one frame, I experience lag too. As an artist I've been improving every day that I draw something, but the complexity of my creations are being limited due to Flash.


      Some animators I know have had it, and are moving over to Toon Boom. But I LIKE Flash. I want to stay, but Adobe is making it REALLY hard. With every new version of FLASH CS, you add more gimmicks, 3D stuff, etc, but you NEVER improve upon already existing elements in the program, or fix core issues. If Flash crashes when I actually ANIMATE something, but is perfectly stable if I tween a ball moving around the screen for an hour, that is a problem.


      So Adobe, have you heard any complaints like this? Are you or will you do anything to remedy this? I want to draw, and animate, and create in YOUR program, but there is so much wasted potential in Flash. You guys just seem to do whatever you want, is there anything I can do to make my voice be heard?

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