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    How do I split each page into a PDF and name them after a line of text on the split page?




      I am running a report that is creating hundreds of letters to be sent to customers.  When I run the report it creates one large PDF (one letter = one page).  To help with a specific business solution I need to split each page into an individual PDF.  I know I can extract the pages using the extraction tool.  I have also been able to duplicate this from the Javascript console, but only with generic names.  The problem is that I need each PDF named after the customer's account number.  The account number is listed on the page that I am extracting, but I am having a hard time parsining the text on the pages to find it.


      I need to be able to turn each page into a seperate PDF and then rename that PDF to match the account number list on the page.


      The account number, is of course, different for every customer and has varied prefixes.  The line of text that I need to read starts like this:


      Account Number#: NJA00001


      I need to just pull the NJA00001.


      I would really love to automate this process.


      Can you help me with this?  Thanks in advance.


      PS: I am a little rusty on my Javascript, its been a couple years.