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    With Knoll Light Factory how do you get rid of the pinpoint of light that overlap obscuration layer?

    RuesterProd Level 1

      I have KLF 3.0 on AE CS6, I am trying to add a nice flare to some keyed footage of a rock star for music video...


      I set it up so it looks like a light is behind him and I want him to obscure it a bit when he moves around... However, I can't get rid of the little pinpoint of light where I have the source! My obscuration layer works properly, as he crosses it it dims the light, but the light doesn't totally disappear when he's in front of the "Source"! There's still a little pinpoint that crosses over him ruining the effect I'm going for!


      Does someone know how to get rid of that little artifact?


      I've tried tweaking all the settings to no avail...


      Thanks all!