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    PSE 9 is changing the time metadata-can I fix it?

    Hazel Run Mama

      I recently had to reload PSE9 on my Vista 64-bit machine after a motherboard/hard drive failure (yes, supposedly both components failed).  I edited a few images tonight and noticed that the time-stamp metadata on the imported images does not match the metadata on the originals--everything is an hour off.  As I recall, this was a problem that manifested shortly after I made the original purchase of the product a few years ago and it was fixed by a later update.  Is my current problem a throwback to that?  Is there any way I can fix the problem without upgrading (my computer budget is already blown for the year...)?


      If it matters, the images are RAW format images and I was using the full edit functions of the software. 


      Thanks in advance for any help!