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    Use Table to Make Image Grid in InDesign CS6?

    jethrodesign Level 1

      Hi, we're new to InD CS6 (recently updated from CS4), so still trying to see what's changed and been updated.


      We're trying to find an easy way to make a grid of iamges with a specific border or space between them. The grid won't always be equal, sometimes some image frames will be wider and some narrower. But we will always want the same amount of space and/or stroke in between the images. And a lot of times, this will be a pretty small 'border' (e.g., 1-2pts).


      I know we can obvoiusly draw individual image frames and then do some math to figure out the size each needs to be and use the 'distribute space' to put equal space between them. But that's just a lot of math to get it perferct, including the space alotted for the 'border/gap'. And then, any time you want to change the width/height of an image, it's going to throw the whole thing off.


      So we've been getting deeper into using tables as well, and coming from a web point-of-view, this would be perfect to create a resizeable 'grid' for the images, with a selectable border on any side to determine the gap (including a color choice). So we gave this a shot, anchoring the photos as inline object, setting cells to have no inset, and setting to vertically align bottom.


      This looks like it would work perfectly, as we could just adjust the column widths to change the width of images, and the border would keep the exact gap we need between images with no extra fuss.


      UNFORTUNATELY, once I have my images in the table cells, I no longer can get the resize arrows to pop-up when mousing over the edges of the cells. I zoomed way in, it's simply not possible in the version we're using (v. 8.0 on Mac 10.6.8).


      - Is this a bug in this version? Am I doing something wrong?


      If I could adjust the cells like normal, this seems like the ideal way to do this. But if I can't, then it becomes pretty useless.


      - If this is a bug that is not overcomeable, how else should we go about this?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          CS6 has "gridified" frame tools. As you drag, press the arrow keys to make columns and rows (spacing will be waht you have set for gutter width in the document setup), you can then use the Gap tool to adjust the size of frames keeping the gap between them constant.

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            jethrodesign Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.

            Tried those methods. They're 'interesting' and a bit helpful for quickly getting the initial group of frames drawn. But I couldn't find the 'gutter width', and when I use cmd+arrows while dragging, it's a bit too slow and kludgy. I think distrbute space would be quicker and more accurate.


            But unfortunatley, I couldn't get the gap tool to be very effective no matter what key-command I tried. It appears (unless I'm missing something) that it is mostly helpful for adjusting the gap between 2 objects only, even if those are 2 rows or columns.


            But I have a single row of 6 image frames spanning a page with the proper gap set, and no mater what I try I can't get all the gaps betweeen all images to grow/shrink in synch with each other. And I can't 'move' the gap between a couple imaages and have the others slide over with them. Only the image directly adjacent to the gap tool seems to be affected. So this seems kind of novel when adjusting between 2 images/rows/columns, but not very helfpul for anything more than this.

            - Please let me know if I'm misusing the gap tool.


            - And is the table bug really un-overcomeable? That would work so much easier.



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I actually don't use the Gap tool so I'm not up on the intricacies, but I think it's covered pretty well in the help files. I think you'r right, though, if you have an established grid of some sort and want to change ALL the gaps at once (which Is not what it sounded like in the first post), Distribute Spacing from the Align panel using a fixed size is the way to go.


              Gutter width is set initially in Document Setup when you create the file. Subsequent to taht it can be reset from Layout > Margins and Columns...